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Christine Kim


Christine Kim is a Toronto-based artist who works primarily in illustration and cut paper collage. Her work explores issues of boundaries; in particular, she is interested in shorelines, where land and water meet in harmony and dissonance. Through her artwork she speaks to a sense of being uprooted, displaced, circling around borderlines both permeable and permanent.


We Sent Their Briefs Back by Jason Fieldgate


NYTimes OpEd- Conservation or Curation?

Victo Ngai

I did a quickie for today’s NYTimes Op-Ed on how the new definition of what qualifies as an endangered species, passed this month, severely limits the scope of the law.  

Previously, the language of the law — that a species qualifies if it is “at risk of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range” — was read to mean that species should be protected if their geographic range was significantly smaller than it had been in the past. Now, a species will only count as endangered if it is at risk of going extinct. This significantly restricts conservation and ignores any responsibility we may have to mitigate even a portion of the harms that we’ve committed against other species. Read the article here

The illustration features a Colorado River Cutthroat Trout, its protection has been recently denied because they were not at risk of extinction, even though their geographic range was significantly smaller than it had been in the past. 

Big thanks to AD Matt Dorfman, always a pleasure to work with. He suggested we go for a more playful layout instead of boxing the fish in, which made the image that much more dynamic. I also like how the trout now looks like its skidding down some stairs screaming while falling apart. 


Illustrations by Alessandro Gottardo


My first cover (and non-variant) for Marvel was announced for Nova Issue 23 as part of their big axis event. Super fun getting the opportunity to work with these guys! Keep a look out for this in stores on November.