Paul Kaptien 

Mandorla Art Award 2014 - Winner
Laminated, hand carved wood.
h58 w28 d30cm
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Summer weekend 

(by Jungyoun Kim)

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Marilyn Myller: A New Stop-Motion Animation Made with Styrofoam Puppets and Long-Exposure Light Effects by Mikey Please [VIDEO]


At dusk by the forest stream.

Carl Larsson, from Singoalla, by Viktor Rydberg, Stockholm, 1894.



Magenta experiment with watercolor and gouache. 10x15cm


Follow up cover to last weeks “Hell on the homefront” cover for Miami New Times. This one focused on the soldier being thrown into a mental institute, suffer from mental illness and be completely strung up by the government programs (like the VA) that should have been helping him. A tragic end. Initially i had the straight jacket a little more traditionally drawn, but my AD thought it might have more impact creating an “X” across the body - and also it might be clearer that the arms double as stripes. I agree


A couple of WIPs !


Nick Cave.

Desert - David Zimmerman


A spot for Scientific American about brown fat cells that generate heat to burn regular fat cells in the fight against obesity. 

Thanks to AD Michael Mrak.