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Angelika Arendt – Intricate Worlds

Patternbank love the incredible detail in Angelika Arendt’s intricate ink drawings and psychedelic sculptures made of polyurethane clay. The worlds Arendt creates in her work seem to morph and move in front of your eyes creating some beautiful patterns within. Check out more of her incredible work at and on her flickr page.


Faltering Monuments

 2012Material: hardwood, varathane

  1. Columbus
  2. Napoleon Bonaparte
  3. Robert E. Leea


Raise the Sails Tee by Stevie Dutson


Daniel Danger

Sam Pepper handcuffs himself to women on the street, refusing to release one woman until she kisses him


In January, Sam Pepper uploaded a video called “How To Get A Girlfriend Easy” in which he sneaks up behind or beside unsuspecting women on the street and handcuffs them to himself. He then tells them they’re “his girlfriend now.” When one victim reacts furiously, saying “No! I don’t know you! Take it off!” and demands that he remove the handcuffs, he refuses and replies with “We’re dating now.”


I don’t have time do a proper write up about Mondo Con as I am still playing catch up (as usual) but I wanted to quickly go over what I’ll have and where I will be. 

I’ll be in the Kirby Hall at table T-2. In between the wonderful Scott C., and Jay Shaw. I’ll have all of these prints above. Plus SUPER Dicks of the 20th Century, and SUPER Dicks of Mondo Con. I’ll have APs of almost the entire Marvel show I did in April, as well as a new shirt, and some fun other things. 

Also, just as a heads up, I will be in a panel about toys today from 11-12, and will be unavailable. 

I’m probably forgetting something major, but yeah, I got all kinds of stuff! Swing by, say hello, have an amazing time. It’s gonna be great! 


Lil Egyptian Gods by Silverfox5213



Isabelle Cochereau Art

Facebook Artodyssey | artsper

Isabelle Cochereau is a French collage artist who creates portraits by painting, compositing, and layering many forms of various elements. The artist has an immaculate sense of a color palette, which blends so consistently within each of her mysteriously themed pieces.

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